Power Affirmation Meditations


HOHM (Anthony Weiss) and Betsy Finkelhoo have taken the powerful tool of affirming new beliefs into the subconscious mind, to a new level. This is for growth oriented people that want a simple and powerful way to program their minds for greatness...

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We have hacked the traditional practice of affirmations
A personal Power Affirmation Meditation is the next level to re-wire your brain for greatness
We guide you through a transformational process
Guiding you to the most powerful affirmations for the life you desire to create
By using your voice to overlay it to a solfeggio frequency track that we create tailored to the state you're calling in
The magic begins the moment you tune in to the sound of YOUR voice speaking back to you YOUR Power Affirmation
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How is it different from a regular affirmation?

  • Experience less resistance towards getting yourself to do your daily affirmations 

  • Plug in your headphones and immediately start your day off with your affirmations in a powerful way

  • Receive new information faster with science-backed solfeggio frequencies 

  • Receive channeled guidance to extract your most potent and impactful affirmations possible 

  • Experience your higher self in an elevated state and bring it into reality faster 

  • Feel your affirmations more authentically and deeply allowing more ease in manifesting

  • Feel like you’re already there every time you listen to your Power Affirmation Meditation 

​We know it can be challenging sometimes to get in front of a mirror and do your daily affirmations.
We may do it for a few days and then it starts to slip off track.
It can sometimes feel like a chore - even though we know how powerful it is! 

Click here for a brief summary of what Solfeggio frequencies are and the science behind it. 

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Think of it like a 5-10 min powerful meditation that you do everyday while your getting ready for work or making coffee.
We recommend doing it right when you first wake up and meditate with it.
Simply plugin in your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy your personal Power Affirmation Meditation. Experience the magic of empowering your mind right away!
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Our thoughts shape our reality...
Where are your thoughts leading you?
What if you could greatly enhance the power of affirmations and feel the effects immediately?
What if it was as easy as putting on your headphones and listening?
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Are you ready to feel the benefits of your POWER affirmation?